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T - English - Chapters: Owners [20] who are supervising the community and capable to use all administrative functions that are available for managing the community.

Still, such features as tags and userpics cannot be hidden. And Flashheart is coming to town. Also, this post only covers one sort of argument against Hetalia. Fanon Fanon [5]a portmanteau of fan and canon, has been used to describe commonly accepted traits stemming from fan works within a specific fandom since as early as Account vulnerabilities[ edit ] In January the site had to make emergency changes to the way the site hosts user accounts due to a web browser -side security vulnerability.

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When a journal is suspended, it effectively removes from sight everything the user has written on LiveJournal, including comments in other people's journals; however, the user is able to download the material while suspended.

During the early years of the site, Frank was treated like an actual living being by much of the LiveJournal userbase, and his brief "biography" as well as his "journal" reflect this. Rated T for language. Posts that have nothing to do with Hetalia with be removed. Why is there such a huge controversy?

It's like a one-shot.

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LiveJournal Community[ edit ] LiveJournal community is a collective blog in which different users can post messages.

There is an ability for a user to report an entry as "spam", and it is a user's responsibility to separate spamming and bot activity from actual violations while reporting. If you have a story that's more than one chapter, it goes here!


During the occasions he does wear a tie it's always loose as he feels more comfortable that way. Romano decides he has to man up and deal with the crush he has on England. For example, if the theme were "Bread. Any opportunity to drag someone out into the wonderful world is always one he'll take.Note: It's already the 29th as of writing this, and like it says before, I will not be able to watch you all 24/7 any longer because I have tasks to do on my own, however, I do frequent the Hetalia community often, so, I will be checking back on this post often enough so that it's not completely free reign.

Extra Long Christmas Event Log (Opening post!)

I will also update things leisurely. Pairing: Tyki Mikk / Kanda Yuu Warning: NC Explicit, in other words. And non-con, after a fashion. Background info: This was written as a valiant but hesitant attempt to answer a request for PWP.

Hetalia Fanfiction Prompts

But somehow it ended up being a rather long fic, complete with plot and angst and. I was thinking about doing some more Hetalia x Reader fanfictions and I was planning on doing oneshots although knowing me I might make a mini series and keep in mind I am a beginner writer but anyways I will do 2p Hetalia x Reader and Hetalia requests also let me know if you want a certain type of reader like a blind reader or a depressed reader ect.

There are many distractions that tempt the fandomly members away from the comm unexpectedly. Sometimes they may still be on the internet, or the distraction is so great that it drags them away from the computer.

Whatever the reason for the distraction is, the Poofing Curse is always behind it. Aug 02,  · Watch Hetalia. Focus on Italy - how he acts, what he says, and his interactions with other characters.

This will give you a good idea of how to think and adrenalinperformance.com: 22K. He grinned, and then his grin flickered away and was replaced with an expression of grim resolve. Japan and France trailed after him, as he ascended to the flaming, falling ship.

“You all should have a few missiles on your plane.

Write away community livejournal hetalia
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